Article: Neurogenesis doesn’t stop with age

A newly released study is the first to show that healthy older people continue to produce new brain cells. The findings contradict another study published last month. Researchers autopsied 28 healthy brains donated by people who had no neuropsychiatric disease or treatment affecting the brain. The fact that neurogenesis – the process by which neurons or nerve cells are generated in the brain – continues as people get older means researchers are better equipped to understand why things can go wrong as we age, like with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
Maarten Rikken

Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis are how stroke survivors recover in the days, weeks, and years following a stroke. While the stroke does damage the brain and a significant chunk of brain cells die, it’s the brains ability to create new connections, and even new cells, to route around the damage and let us relearn how to use our bodies, our language, our senses, and more.

This article isn’t specific to stroke recovery, but it does talk about how we continue to grow new brain cells up until we die. This is important because a lot of people are still under the impression that the brain cells you are born with are the only ones you have for life, and that’s just not true.


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