Article: Stationary bikes help with stroke recovery more than PT alone

This study demonstrated that stationary cycling exercise training is an effective intervention for increasing the balance and gait abilities of chronic stroke patients. Therefore, we suggest that stationary cycling training is suitable for stroke rehabilitation and may be used in clinical practice.

Journal of Physical Therapy Science

This study looked at 32 stroke survivors (admittedly a small sample). Half of them got 30 minutes of PT a day  for 5 days a week, followed 30 minutes on a stationary bike. The other half got only the PT.

After 4 weeks, both groups showed improvement in balance and walking, but the group that rode the bike had significantly more improvement.

The take away for me is that I need to get on the exercise bike more regularly. I you are thinking about adding such exercise to your routine, check with your doctor or medical team, first.

You can read the study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science here.

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