Episode 020 — Meet Emilee Mason

No one ever plans to have a stroke. -- Emilee Mason Click To Tweet

This week, I talk with Emilee Mason. Emilee was one of the OTs I worked with when I was in the hospital. She’s one of the folks who helped me get my arm moving again and helped me develop some of the new life skills I would need, like how to get into the shower.

Bill: ...and that time I almost accidentally pulled you off the stool. Emilee: That was a good day. I remember that day. #stroke #OT #therapy Click To Tweet

We met up at a local Starbucks (I should figure out how to get them to sponsor this) and had a wide ranging conversation that covered topics like:

  • What is OT?
  • Motivating patients
  • Dealing with unruly patients
  • Caring for caregivers
  • What happens when a medical provider becomes a patient
I'm a person that likes to keep moving and not do that cookie cutter thing everyday. -- Emilee Mason #stroke #OT #therapy Click To Tweet

Hack of the Week

If you have trouble with using a wash cloth in the shower, try an oven mitt instead. Instead of trying to grip it with the affected had, simple slip your hand into it so you can still bathe with that affected hand.

We've got a hard road ahead of us, but we're gonna get there. -- How Emilee approaches patients #stroke #OT #therapy Click To Tweet

Where do we go from here?

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  • Try using an oven mitt if you struggle to hold a wash cloth.
  • Don’t get best…get better.
Every stroke survivor that I work with at the hospital -- they all have some type of goal or something a little bit different that they're working toward. -- Emily Mason #stroke #therapy #OT Click To Tweet

1 thought on “Episode 020 — Meet Emilee Mason

  1. Great Idea for the shower. It is the little things we cannot do that are so frustrating.

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