Article: Allison Shapiro on the Hand in Hand Show

Episode 79 Healing Into Possibility – Interview With Alison Shapiro, Strokefocus Cofounder


A few weeks ago, I joined Cam on the Hand In Hand show. It’s another weekly podcast by a stroke survivor talking with other stroke survivors. You can listen to my appearance here.

This week, they talked with one of my favorite survivor authors Alison Shapiro. You can listen to that show here.

Alison’s book “Healing into Possibility” (affiliate link) really connected with me. I found it relatable and powerful as she tells the story of her stroke, her rehab, and her recovery. It is one of the first 2 books I recommend new survivors and caregivers read (the other is Dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” (affiliate link)).

Check out the interview and subscribe to the Hand in Hand show wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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