Episode 031 — Meet Physical Therapist Dr. Brandon Smith DPT, MPH

'I was able to make more of a difference by helping the neurological populations' -- @DrSmithDPTMPH #PT #stroke #rehab Click To Tweet

Dr. Brandon Smith and I had an interesting discussion about his experience as a physical therapist.

Though Brandon’s background is mostly in orthopedic manual therapy and therapeutic exercise at the elite levels, it also consist of public health, strength and nutrition certifications, time spent in Surgical ICU wound care, Cardiac ICU, Neurological ICU, Critical Care ICU, and has recently led him into geriatrics (all affiliated settings) and home care. He uses his eclectic background to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to each patient/client. Whether that’s in the home, telehealth, or remote performance and nutrition coaching.

'The goal of all rehab is to get your loved one… to the highest level of independent function they can.' -- @DrSmithDPTMPH #PT #stroke #rehab Click To Tweet

Brandon Smith and Yong KimWhat’s really interesting is that he got into PT to work with high-performance athletes and then discovered the work wasn’t fulfilling enough. He made the switch to neuro patients and found the work much more rewarding.

To help teach more people outside the PT world about things happening within the PT world, he partnered with colleague and former class mate Yong Kim to launch the Physical Therapy Unleashed Podcast.

'Those with less benefits sometimes don't get placed and get sent home....There's a whole business side of the medical world that people don't want to acknowledge.' -- @DrSmithDPTMPH #PT #stroke #rehab Click To Tweet


Strokecast is on Facebook. I use that page for less formal thoughts on stroke and recovery. I also post videos of demos and other topics. Just recently, I created a video talking about my experience with different AFOs.

Head on over to to like the page and check out the videos.

Hack of the Week

Being a stroke survivor is complex. We have physical, medical, and daily living needs. There can also be special nutritional, social, or spiritual needs. Regardless of the need, we don’t have to do it alone. There are professionals who can help.

If you have needs, or think you might, ask your doctor or other member of your medical team to point you in the direction of the appropriate professional. They’re out there.

'The more aggressive we can be -- and the faster -- the better outcomes we have seen.' -- @DrSmithDPTMPH #PT #stroke #rehab Click To Tweet


Physical Therapy Unleashed Podcast

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Dr. Brandon Smith on Twitter

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Dr. Brandon Smith on Facebook

Dr. Brandon Smith Consulting

Yong Kim Wellness

Where do we go from here?

  • What do you think of Brandon’s story? Let us know in the comments below.
  • Ask you physical therapist what their thoughts on Brandon’s perspective are. Give them the link
  • Strokecast is on Facebook. Visit to like the page and check out the videos
  • Seek out the appropriate professionals for your needs
  • Don’t get best…get better
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