Episode 045 — Meet the Stromies

'My daughter is freaking out obviously because I'm not one to just take to the ground at anytime.' -- Stromie Tamsen @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet


Angie Jorgensen, Sarah Conaway, and Tamsen Butler are the Stromies — The Stroke Homies. They are 3 stroke survivors brought together by this life threatening event many of us went through. They started a blog to share their stories in February 2018. It started simply, and other survivors followed. Then other survivors shared their stories.

Dozens and dozens of survivors are now featured on the blog supporting their own recoveries by sharing their experiences and empowering readers looking to make a connection.

The Stromie energy is a force. And it’s just getting started.

'You take your mess and you make it your message.' -- Stromie Angie @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet

Group shot of Stromie Sarah, Stromie Angie, and Stromie TamsenI connected with the Stromies from my home office in Seattle while they met up at a coffee shop in Omaha, NB. Sometimes it still amazes me that technology allows this to happen.

Stromie Sarah is a busy mom and speaker. A survivor of both stroke and Lupus, her amazing recovery story provides hope for others.

Stromie Tamsen is a mom, certified fitness instructor, and award-winning author. Her massive stroke at age 41 was unexpected and life-changing.

Stromie Angie is a mom and certified fitness instructor. In 2012 she was in a coma, suffered a stroke and found out she had a rare kind of cancer called a pheochromocytoma. Her amazing recovery continues to inspire the people around her.

'I am so fortunate to not only have more days but to have met the Stromies.' -- Stromie Sarah @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet

Hack of the Week


The Stromies gives us two Hacks this week.

'Keep going. Smile. Know that there's other people out there cheering you on in your journey. And we'd love to hear your story.' -- Stromie Angie @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet

Stromie Angie says to look for one good thing every day.

We all deal with trauma and the fallout from a stoke we or a loved one had, and it can be easy to spiral into a dark place. It’s helpful to recognize that there are still good things around us. There is good in the world.

I would add that it’s helpful to write that down every day. Record one good thing a day. Or post it on social media. Go back from time to time and look at this list of good things. Because sometimes we all need a reminder.

'I always thought of neuroplasticity as opportunity.' -- Stromie Tamsen @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet

Stromie Tamsen add that visualization is a powerful tool in recovery. Imagine a deer trying to get to the middle of a corn field. That deer may struggle to get any result the first time it tries. The next time, it may get a little further, and the next time, further still. Each time it’s simpler and easier to go a certain distance because that deer has been wearing down a path. Eventually that deer makes it to the center.

That’s neuroplasticity. Each rep you do of an exercise is one more corn stalk bent out of the way. It’s a little bit more of a neuro-pathway. Do enough reps over time, and you, can get to the center of the field.



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'Your story might just add strength to someone else's story.' -- Stromie Angie @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet

Where do we go from here?

  • Check out to learn more about the Stromies and read the amazing stories of survival, recovery, and thriving
  • Connect with one or more of the Stromies via social media or email, and share your story. You can find all those links above
  • Share this episode with someone you think might appreciate the Stromie story by giving them the link
  • Visualize a cornfield as part of your recovery
  • Find one good thing every day, whether or not you had a stroke
  • Don’t get best…get better


'It kind of gives them permission to be who they are now. And that's a really cool gift to give to somebody.' -- Stromie Tamsen @ThreeStromies #stroke #survivor Click To Tweet


Strokecast is the stroke podcast where a Gen X stroke survivor explores rehab, recovery, the frontiers of neuroscience and one-handed banana peeling by helping stroke survivors, caregivers, medical providers and stroke industry affiliates connect and share their stories.

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