Episode 059 — The Intersection of Disability and Sexuality

My boss was apoplectic that I was discussing sexuality. So I just Grassroots started talking about disability and sexuality and that because I thought that there was a need for it. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet



Each year, I spend a week on the JoCo Cruise. I talked about it last year in Episode 4, and this year was just as amazing.

Robin Wilson-Beattie dressed as a Wakanda warrior

This year, I also met Robin Wilson-Beattie on the boat. She is a speaker, writer, and educator working at the intersection of disability and sexuality. We sat down on the ship’s art gallery to talk about these issues and how they impact stroke survivors and other folks with disabilities.

We met up on cosplay day which explains why Robin was in her full Wakandan warrior regalia. Probably.


I was very frustrated about the lack of knowledge and discussion around sexuality and disability and it didn't make sense to me because disability is something that affects anybody and everybody. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet


Robin Wilson-Beattie HeadshotRobin came into the world able-bodied, but had a birth defect that resulted in a spinal aneurysm. After scheduling surgery to fix the aneurysm, she learned she was pregnant. During the surgery, she acquired a spinal cord injury that resulted in partial paralysis. She continues to recover while living in San Francisco and helping folks with disabilities navigate the world of sex.


Don't assume (or) make these heteronormative assumptions around what this person -- how they express their sexuality how they express their gender. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet


Hack of the Week

Robin recommends Amazon Prime and Delivery for folks living with disabilities.

Considering the amount of energy (or spoons) it can take to leave the house for something as simple as groceries, taking full advantage of delivery services can make a huge difference in what else folks with disabilities can accomplish during the day.

It’s not lazy. It’s smart. It lets you preserve that energy to focus on your recovery. Or your work. Or time with your family. Or whatever else may bring long-term value into your life.


Finding that disability Community was extremely important because that's where I learned about issues as well. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet

April is Occupational Therapy Month

If you’re still in OT, and you like your therapists, tell them how you appreciate the work they do. If you’re no longer in OT, consider sending them a message or note telling them about where you are today. OTs, especially from early in our recovery don’t often hear back from former patients and are delighted to get updates.


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Also, just adjusting your thinking to you know coming up with new or different way. You know, trying to connect with another person or yourself. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet


Where do we go from here?

  • Are there specific questions about sex and sexuality after stroke that you would like me to address in a future episode? Let me know in the comments at below, or email me at
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You know what one person with a stroke is dealing with his not the same thing another person is dealing with. -- @SexAbled #stroke #disability #sex Click To Tweet

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