Episode 065 — Meet Neuro Nerd Joe Borges

My stroke was without question a blessing and I am absolutely so lucky to have had it. -- @TheNeuroNerds #Stroke Click To Tweet

When I had my stroke I was already a big fan of the podcast medium. I already had another show at that point. 2-Minute Talk Tips was up around episode 23 in June 2017. So as I began my journey to learn all about neurology by looking for Stroke related podcasts. I found only a couple of shows at first — The Enable Me show from Australia and The Slow Road to Better from Vienna, Virginia (who ultimately appeared on this show, too). Eventually, I found a couple more and you can see a list at The lack of shows led me to start Strokecast to be the resource I wished I had 6 months earlier.

It turns out Joe Borges was thinking something similar at roughly the same time. A couple weeks after Strokecast started, Joe and his cohost Lauren, launched Neuro Nerds, a podcast by a stroke survivor and a TBI survivor sharing their journey, the journeys of their brain buddies, and celebrations of all things nerdy — stroke related or not. I originally found the Neuro Nerds through the Stromies, a group of stroke survivors in Nebraska who are three awesome women who appeared on this show in December at

And in the process, I’ve become a fan of Joe and Lauren.

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Banner for Neuro Nerds featuring Joe and LaurenJoe So Rocks.

In case you didn’t know.

He’s worn various hats from retail store owner to artist manager to business consultant, but after suffering a major hemorrhagic stroke in August 2016, he’s been on a journey of self-discovery and seeking out what truly gives him joy in life.

Some new hats he’s trying on include writer, comedian, host, guy who now goes to the gym, world traveler and he’s always trying on more. He’s on a mission to create a life worthy of the gift he was given when he survived his stroke.

For his opinions and views on life, stroke survival, mind/body transformation, nerd culture, films, pop culture and everything in between, check out his blog on a weekly basis for new stories and articles.

Whether you read it or not, Joe’s still going to have a laugh because 90% of what he says is for his own entertainment.

Again, just being in survival mode me getting to the next day was a win…You know, it didn't matter how I got there. I just got there. I ate terribly. I thought terribly so all of that led into the high blood pressure -- the unchecked… Click To Tweet

A note on Star Wars

One more important note before we get started here: I screwed up the name of the new Star Wars movie. It’s The Rise of Skywalker, not the Last Skywalker like I said. I hang my nerd head in shame. Can I just blame stroke related neurofatigue?

Anyway, here’s the trailer. Are you as excited as we are?

These movies, these stories, these tales -- they change lives. For the better not for the worse. -- @NeuroNerds #Stroke Click To Tweet

Hack of the Week

Headphones make a big difference.

Many stroke survivors can suffer from sensory overload due to the stroke. Their brains may not have the resources to process all the sounds in the environment. It makes sense if you think about it. A lot of what the brain does all day is ignore sensory input. All the background noise of traffic, humming refrigerators, chatty conference halls, computer fans and more is always coming into our heads. The brain has to triage it all — what’s important and what can it throw out.

And it’s tiring. Especially after a stroke.

Joe recommends headphones most of the time. You don’t even need to be playing music or Neuro Nerds or Strokecast episodes through them. Just wear them to block out sounds you don’t need to hear so your brain doesn’t waste the energy it takes to ignore those sounds

That it's so helpful for them to know you guys are not alone ever. You're never alone. -- @TheNeuroNerds #Stroke Click To Tweet

Special Thanks

And special thanks to Felice LaZae, podcast engineer, caregiver and partner to Joe, and rock star who recorded Joe’s side of the conversation for me. Seriously, it was of the highest quality pieces of audio anyone has sent me. Check out to learn more about her work and hear samples of her music.

It was a blessing. I was killing myself slowly. I wasn't living. What was happening before my stroke wasn't living. It was barely surviving. -- @TheNeuroNerds #Stroke Click To Tweet

BE FAST Warning Signs

Print, post, share, and learn:

Stroke symptom graphic

I try not to look back at it and see it as wasted time. I just looked back in and say oh wow, that's something I never ever want to do it again. -- @TheNeuroNerds #Stroke Click To Tweet


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Where do we go from here?

  • Explore more from Joe and the community at the various links above
  • Subscribe to NeuroNerds and Strokecast for free in your favorite podcast app.
  • Are there any other Stroke podcasts you listen to? Let us know about it in them in the comments below.
  • Don’t get best…get better.
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Strokecast is the stroke podcast where a Gen X stroke survivor explores rehab, recovery, the frontiers of neuroscience and one-handed banana peeling by helping stroke survivors, caregivers, medical providers and stroke industry affiliates connect and share their stories.

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