Peter Evans Bio

Peter Evans Headshot

You can hear more of Peter’s story in Episode 60 or see all of Peter’s Strokecast contributions here.


54-year-old Peter Evans, originally from Long Island, New York, currently resides in the Marina del Rey section of Los Angeles where he lives with his wife, Ria, and an incredibly headstrong Yorkshire Terrier, they call Geronimo.

Peter had a massive hemorrhagic stroke in 2017 an event he says nearly killed him but which, strangely, he acknowledges has helped bring Ria and him even closer together as a couple, reinvigorating their marriage and leaving Peter a kinder, more grateful and overall happier person.

Like many others, Peter first came to LA hoping to break into acting in film and television, and it was that which brought Peter and Ria together when they worked together on her cable public access TV show and a feature film they both produced on the set of which he says they fell in love. “She may have stolen my heart,” he says, “but what she gave me back in love and support over these past 20 years, on balance I feel like I’m a millionaire—Definitely feel like I came out a huge winner on that deal, the day I met Ria!”

Growing tired of endless auditions and poverty wages as an actor, Peter decided to move into the corporate world when an old college friend of his said, “Hey, I know you’re still into that acting thing, but there’s a job here at my company I think you’d be perfect for and really love.” And boy did he! He got to use his French Language skills and travel internationally quite extensively as he worked as the project manager of a small international team where he helped launch the company’s many international Web sites across Europe, Australia and Japan.

Peter continues to this day contributing on-line content for Stroke resources and putting his years of Project Management to good use, paying it forward to all his fellow stroke survivors.