Episode 027 — Meet Neurologist Dr. Nirav H Shah

For me it was an unexplored frontier. People talk about space, & beyond that is the brain. I mean we still know so little about it. And so it's very cool to be able to put together software on a human and see if you can kind of… Click To Tweet

Shortly after I started this show I began asking folks at Swedish about who I should speak with about this project. I got really lucky, and the team there connected me with Dr. Nirav H Shah. He’s involved with research, clinical patient care, and development of new technologies.

The biggest challenge I think we're gonna face as a society is that there are going to be more people with stroke and more people surviving with stroke. We haven't figured out a good way of how to take care of these people. --… Click To Tweet

What’s really awesome is how his face lights up when he talks not only about his work, but the work other researchers are doing in this field to improve the quality of life of stroke survivors and to reduce the amount of strokes to begin with.



Dr. Nirav H Shah HeadshotDr Nirav H Shah a fellowship trained neurologist and sub-specialist in cerebrovascular and stroke medicine with board certifications in t: neurology, stroke medicine, carotid neurosonology, transcranial doppler ultrasound, and neuroimaging.

He is a practicing neurohospitalist and stroke medical director at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Academically, he is interested in emergent and critical care neurology research and is an associate editor for The Neurohospitalist, a peer-reviewed journal. H enjoys mentoring trainees and collaborating on publications and conference presentations.

Outside of clinical care Dr Shah is collaborating with experts to develop scalable technologies capable of ameliorating healthcare’s challenges. He consults with startups and investors to develop technologies and devices so that one day they are available to his patients. He has worked with companies to meet FDA regulations for approval as well as to help them understand the provider perspective of product-market fit.

Dr. Shah is also the CEO and Founder of Sentinel Healthcare. He is also a passionate traveler and photographer.

We're going to really struggle in trying to determine really meaningful ways to help many people have really good quality of care and good quality of life because of the infrastructure we've never thought about building. --… Click To Tweet


Notes on Audio Quality

My audio is not great this week. I think the batteries were too low in my recorder when we met onsite at Swedish. This mainly affected my side of the conversation. I spent some time tweaking it and pulling it out from the low-volume graveyard to get it to the point where it works, but you’ll notice it seems a little thinner this week.

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There's a lot happening in this field. It's easily one of the fastest changing fields Day to day across neurology, not just stroke. Stroke's changed 3 times this decade Major guideline changes, which has never happened before. --… Click To Tweet


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Even things like headache have changed. This last month there's a new migraine medication that can prevent migraines. It could be the first real new migraine preventative drug, which is exciting. -- @NeuroNirav Click To Tweet

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