Facebook Stroke Groups

There are a number of Facebook groups made of stroke survivors and caregivers. Some are more active than others. Each group also seems to develop its own personality over time. As you would expect, groups with more members have more traffic.

Some groups have folks asking about various symptoms; others are more focused on motivation. If you’re comfortable interacting with folks on Facebook, check out some of these groups.

Are there any others I should add to this list? Let me know! 

Young Adult Stroke Survivors

Group Description:

“We are a support group of stroke survivors in the Seattle, Washington area. We also have members recovering from other brain injuries.

Checkout our website at

Our members range in age from their 20s to their 70s. We have a wealth of experience, contacts, information, and library materials we are happy to share.

We meet monthly to hear presentations, share advice, and renew friendships.
We also have summer picnics and a December Holiday Party.

There is no fee to join and you may come when you like.
Caregivers, friends, and family members are welcome.”

Bill’s Notes:

While this group started for folks attending the monthly meetups in Seattle, it also includes a lot of folks from elsewhere in the country. It’s not as active as some of the other groups, but it is a nice resource. I personally attend many of the meeting and I help with the Facebook page.

Dynamic Stroke Survivors

Group Description:

“A safe, respectful forum for survivors of stroke & caregivers to share experiences, tips, ideas, or just start a conversation!

As we wish to respect everyone’s beliefs, we ask that you refrain from posting religious material so that we don’t offend others in the group. Also, no solicitation of money or selling/advertising of products will be allowed without the approval of an Administrator. Any postings are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Always check with your doctor prior to starting or changing your current regimen. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy the group!

Stroke Tribe Warriors

Group Description:

“A stroke support group for stroke warriors, caregivers and family members. This group does not discriminate against religious views, sexual orientation or political views.


Group Description:

“Welcome to the StrokeHacker FB Group. We are a close knit group of like-minded “Stroke Hackers” sharing all we’ve learned through our recovery from stroke and TBI’s.

We don’t allow spammers and trolls. If you can’t be nice, you can’t be here. We welcome open sharing and collaboration. ”

Stroke Survivors’ Solutions (SSS)

Group Description:

“The purpose of this group is to provide motivation, knowledge, and tips concerning the road to recovery for stroke survivors. A knowledgeable survivor is a powerful survivor!👍🏾💪🏾😃

Life After Stroke

Group Description

“‘No Matter What…..We Move Forward’….We are Stroke Survivors.…we are all members of an elite group of unique people that weren’t given a choice to become a stroke survivor ….but that’s what makes us special….so lets talk about our journey.. thru this thing called Stroke………thanks and welcome David A West…. lead admin

Given the fact that we are survivors of brain injuries, it’s important to protect each other from sensory over-load. PLEASE do not use those colored backgrounds to post messages! They may be pretty, but bright colors can cause seizures in some people, and a lot of us also deal with eye strain, and headaches that can be worsened by over-exposure to bright colors. Thank you for your understanding. Beth”

Young Stroke Survivors Global Network

Group Description

“Support for young adult stroke survivors, under the age of 55, from around the world. A place to connect with other stroke survivors to improve stroke recovery outcomes. This may be achieved by meeting other survivors with similar injuries, sharing: stories, challenges, accomplishments, receiving inspiration, learning about promising treatments, and new research. Survivors, caregivers/spouses/family, and medical professionals are welcome. You don’t have to currently be under age 55, just ‘young’ when you had your stroke.

Aphasia Recovery Connection

Group Description

“The Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) has a mission to help end the isolation that aphasia brings.  ARC won a RAISE Award from the National Stroke Association for making an impact on stroke survivors with aphasia.  The site is designed for people with aphasia, their friends, and their families.  Professionals are also welcome.

We also have a website at