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Date: 2018-07-01
Timezone: -07:00:00
13:44:10:Presenter: Welcome to the stroke cast a generation ax stroke Survivor explores rehab recovery the frontiers of neuroscience and how to peel a banana.
13:44:32:Presenter: With one hand, hello. I’m Joe Monroe and welcome to stroke cast. This is episode 20 meet emily mason.
13:44:44:Presenter: Emilee Mason is an occupational therapist who studied OT at the University of Texas and University of Georgia. She is currently an OT at the inpatient team.
13:44:56:Presenter: At Swedish Medical Center in Seattle more importantly though. She is one of my OTS when I was inpatient following my stroke I worked with Emilee for three and a half weeks.
13:45:07:Presenter: Can you get my arm and my hand working again, and we didn’t a brightness and an enthusiastic energy to her patient care on chilly days or will, I guess.
13:45:14:Presenter: They were warm days when I was there, but the air conditioning in the hospital works really well, so I’m days when the halls were little chillier.
13:45:26:Presenter: I would see her walking through those halls in a bright orange board pink fleece jacket, I because i actually think you get your fleece issued tea when you get your Washington State drivers license one time.
13:45:43:Presenter: Drink therapy. She had me doing virtual snow angels while I was laying on the mat table. Basically I lay down on my back in she would support my arm off the edge of the map as i tried to swing it back and forth as you do when you’re making snow Angels and Emilee SAT on her.
13:45:48:Presenter: Rolling stool to support and assist my arm as I did that.
13:45:58:Presenter: Now as will happen in recovery especially in those early days something reconnected and my arm switch on as I struggled to move it.
13:46:06:Presenter: That’s sudden burst of strength nearly yanked Emilee off her stool and despite her near fall. She could not have been more delighted.
13:46:08:Presenter: To see me hit that milestone.
13:46:17:Presenter: I stayed in touch with Emilee after leaving the hospital and I’m thrilled, she was able to join me this week we sat down in a local Starbucks to talk over coffee.
13:46:25:Presenter: Because that’s just what I do over the next half hour we talked about the OT field about motivating patients.
13:46:33:Presenter: Dealing with unruly patients caring for caregivers what happens when a medical provider suddenly becomes a patient and more.
13:46:43:Presenter: So now please welcome Emilee Mason to strokecast what Mr past that Emilee. I’m thrilled our objective happy on the show.
13:47:07:Presenter: This is awesome. So the person I gotta ask though is banana Swedish inpatient for a while and I don’t have a job. Yes.
13:47:30:Presenter: That’s very true. And that is the one I really get dressed there being what you occupational therapists too.
13:47:51:Presenter: So working for them to be a lack some even take dealing living and then I eat out their instruments all actually gives the daily living. So they’re going to look at things.
13:48:09:Presenter: In and out of bed walking to the bathroom taking a shower getting dressed ideals or look at it could be anything from care to clean out doing dishes to cooking sweetheart alliance overseas and you can address and look at it.
13:48:31:Presenter: Our agents in the end and there are more stroke survivors will get a repeat burst Fiji is hurt said but.
13:48:48:Presenter: Walking OTS on and it’s really about that other stuff sector 8 kind of from upper body lower body or pcs all of my walking she’s alive morning arm.
13:49:05:Presenter: There is a bland and you do is two disciplines work very closely together. But OTS are we going to have it back to that function. And what’s important to the beach at night? So, you know someone cooking out the important but somebody else.
13:49:14:Presenter: Just getting the dog food before and, you know, safely stand back up again. It’s maybe something worked out in three sessions with something else.
13:49:23:Presenter: A lot of times we think about stroke program with the patient is trying to do for themselves and getting on.
13:49:31:Presenter: A lot of times, we talk about caregivers and the things they’re doing, you know the basics.
13:49:39:Presenter: How do you take care of it and take her dog and take care of cats which meal can sometimes be more challenging that had to take care of.
13:49:55:Presenter: The same without little bit more it isn’t always started trip you can do that day until it becomes something that trickier harder.
13:50:03:Presenter: You know, then we started wait a second. I just went over and put the phone now, it’s 9.
13:50:19:Presenter: I wanted to or something and there’s so many other day out the dog and you want. What was it that removed?
13:50:24:Presenter: Need to be OT here at how did you get to this day? We’re at Swedish. So I am.
13:50:32:Presenter: I don’t understand I was actually pretty physical therapy for two and a half of my four years and then Georgia. And then I want to shut up.
13:50:39:Presenter: Did you see people statements I ended up with an occupational therapist that day just to see what they did.
13:50:50:Presenter: I was really tight for you today about person that function. And in that particular patient had big goals I need a doing wandering and those square bellini.
13:51:14:Presenter: The treatment session into something that’s all kind of like created a scene and what she wanted to her and started doing some research and thinking that might be more browse, I guess I just, like i like to create some. Idiot occupational therapy gives meet going into.
13:51:24:Presenter: The day and every person having a little bit different goals, and then it in coming up with new improved.
13:51:36:Presenter: He got some more creative aspects of it and some more back concrete stop that you start talking about.
13:51:44:Presenter: What is this need when you get out what is needed when you want to get on with side another one of the occupational therapist, I had.
13:51:51:Presenter: In my time said that that the reason she got into OT which she was carrying PTA and they will happen.
13:52:13:Presenter: So they end up. So I somebody because it is with a patient. Yes. Now I am before and, you know I was taking patients in the kitchen at places to do their duty because you can incorporate somebody different.
13:52:23:Presenter: Working on their balance, and I also mean working on that coordination with one of their arms and it was affected from the stroke and all these things.
13:52:32:Presenter: You’re doing while not really thinking about making up into the same time great which maybe something that they did every Sunday but they’re, so it just been fun.
13:52:40:Presenter: It is right season new strategies and not should become complacent in the air. It’s just doing the same.
13:53:10:Presenter: So, yeah, this is much better today.
13:53:24:Presenter: She lost the Korean staples on subs needing a patient therapy. Why did you get into the world OT field specifically and what was it about that?
13:53:36:Presenter: And what he was struck survivors that really appeals every stroke Survivor that I worked with all some type of goal or something a little bit different.
13:53:51:Presenter: Someone in their agent their goal is so it allows me to create everything. I’m not doing the same.
13:54:17:Presenter: Every day to do things till 8 secured in not not do that cookie cutter thing everyday that makes.
13:54:36:Presenter: Ma said some sexually with more things, I would have to keep my little mind people it says there’s nothing wrong with my life.
13:54:44:Presenter: There is nothing wrong with the problem is all in my life and a lot of what you doing with it, okay. This is so much about.
13:54:55:Presenter: So it’s about 6 open the brain to fix itself using a hand in developing the strategies getting your goals accomplished. So obviously is lost.
13:55:03:Presenter: Lot of awesome things out the creativity by, you know it’s still job not everything is always easy. So I’m going to the topic.
13:55:15:Presenter: I’ll be your job in working with that starts when no one ever plans to go to the hospital. So.
13:55:36:Presenter: Every day. I actually just consciously or in, you might be the 17 person needs to flowers on day one day to you know so that would be that’s a big that’s a big challenge for me it’s just.
13:56:00:Presenter: Because patients may not necessarily even nicest, you know, those 30 days coping or you know the reasons you know more challenging or difficult to discourage didn’t you don’t get that after say everything is good they want their piece again. It’s awesome.
13:56:24:Presenter: Remind myself and I think it’s pretty scary situation. And that’s the phone since so interesting is that when you go through that.
13:56:41:Presenter: Emilee that first week not only is your light strip in some cases she said her soul literally sit away from here and then on top of it. You know your email.
13:56:49:Presenter: What about you dig me stripped away Korea where suddenly, you’re doing is asking me she got double situated two.
13:57:06:Presenter: Or I did you not able to shower or sometimes just having a healthy this really hard for people at the guts very challenging part of those want to use it.
13:57:19:Presenter: So I can I try to try to find out him and I can get that privacy, and i have to get so close, I well, but, you know, sometimes it means I have seen great. There just speak.
13:57:37:Presenter: Hey injuries they see that works patients dealing with this in their own life and he were they.
13:57:56:Presenter: They studied work when they just don’t want to encourage patients to celebrate those days. I think it’s really important to think big picture, but I also think it was important to move to make a more than I did. Yes.
13:58:07:Presenter: We did you celebrate name watching bathroom yesterday the wheelchair you celebrate bad and those those little victories will continue to decide you to those ultimate long term.
13:58:33:Presenter: We don’t want just one day to work. So I kinda do that cheerleader just noticing different things.
13:58:49:Presenter: That are improving from the day before in just point out just say you come to this. Yes. You remember you could do this and then I called on your right. I did this outside if you were with.
13:59:19:Presenter: And that’s how I almost accidentally pulled you want to see, you know I don’t take medical necessarily but even things like you know the name productivity things. We see.
13:59:26:Presenter: Will you can’t just give you a big saying you got a lot of the individual small stuff, you gotta do.
13:59:40:Presenter: It seems like this mall things get that small things done and then move on. And so that’s a lot of that he didn’t make working see coming out here.
13:59:57:Presenter: Words, like I said to go through and out of Maine this sophomore college free and then physics and you know, so you had to myself sooner getting to where you now I did.
14:00:24:Presenter: There’s a lock, so you also mentioned celebrating those victories are betting on a mat that’s that positive energy when people are.
14:00:35:Presenter: You know, not intentionally but when people were suffering and people are in hospital they can become emotional intervened amplifiers sucking energy out from it.
14:01:05:Presenter: How do you keep yourself patient will balance like a corporate Esther something we grady’s and when I get some watching patient while hospital after being with me?
14:01:10:Presenter: You know. So this most days my dating back to you. Okay, we’ve got a couple of things.
14:01:23:Presenter: You know, I think that you and I worked at a point to me and then.
14:01:43:Presenter: One term going in my mind is not, so I can I just try to decompress.
14:02:01:Presenter: I can’t hear myself and do, so I can come and get my work it leave it at, you know it’s one of those things that I think that my mind.
14:02:13:Presenter: Online one thing’s steep minded SAT herself caregivers if you’re not taking your yourself, you’re not getting the rest.
14:02:22:Presenter: You can’t help others camped meeting take care of yourself and protecting your home energy in your own.
14:02:40:Presenter: Personal boundaries you can help you patients to that often increase patients dealing in recent days 3 million take a day. And so get an hour to clean house or do something we have your loved ones.
14:03:00:Presenter: And they’re sending it seems to stop working today to come back smiling. Exactly, and don’t feel guilty about having fun care yourself.
14:03:13:Presenter: So, we talk about this impatiens afterwards that I miss him. So king-size week. We don’t say that term.
14:03:25:Presenter: I will happen with brain damage dead brains and also stroke survivors have some right now in some cases effects physical abilities.
14:03:49:Presenter: This emotional sign language is not judgement basis. So how do you speak handle patients may have issues with their judgement or executive function and make fun themselves skating in appropriately either.
14:03:56:Presenter: Anger or making inappropriate advances to a therapist and I think so one of these think about is that.
14:04:05:Presenter: Remember that just because somebody said Ashok Leaner good at their day were always a good person to begin with and.
14:04:15:Presenter: Great people but temporarily or long term they maybe big in appropriately happy and he managed chilly days.
14:04:29:Presenter: Something is happening in there saying something or need situation and just say that it’s not sometimes whether it’s coming up center we know whatever.
14:04:48:Presenter: Stop it as I said, if I continue to let something like that Congress and I multiply not be able to provide safe here trying to get here always that kind of stuff that they kill it anytime all a second.
14:04:58:Presenter: Just somebody else to assistant manage estimated situation in a while but I’m trying to get this clear direct you know, there’s some in English.
14:05:22:Presenter: Staff here. I don’t even I encountered an yes, that’s good. Well, I went out and I get somebody else take a nail.
14:05:41:Presenter: Question. She that time it takes if you eat I am straight, you know it’s in a girl thing or not.
14:05:55:Presenter: Some because of the cognitive deficit from where the ship was in the brain in a sense. It’s just around every cheating on it gets better.
14:06:05:Presenter: This. Let you see you want interesting is that you repeated do it’s a that’s sort of doesn’t it.
14:06:22:Presenter: Every aspect of very whether we’re Emilee. He conveyed where are we teaching where that name is it’s about we gotta car basically pathways that start you sleep had your own.
14:06:49:Presenter: Inpatient experience. What is being on the other side of that hospital ID Bracelet’s Day surgery days there was not too many unexpected surprise.
14:07:07:Presenter: Surgery, but you do very vulnerable you can it’s sold, then you’re kinda being shuffled from one place in the next and, you know that.
14:07:19:Presenter: Then I always this way, right? But I never sleeps you reinstate. So there’s something to be said sorry.
14:07:43:Presenter: Through those like, I did like every person I was just like arden very kind and came out and have a soft approach just knowing that I was getting ready to walk in store room and I was very grateful. For that because they can’t be called in a situation like that. And you could sneak off. So.
14:08:12:Presenter: Horrible having what are you working outside everyday guess day cause you are expertise think so because.
14:08:32:Presenter: Everybody knew that wasn’t the cigarette out because I am you want him my number one or something. Now.
14:08:55:Presenter: So she’s like something you gotta work someone off though, but everybody else think I had maybe five or 6 different nurses that morning great with just like the decker process of going back to the new but everyone chilly days everyone. ‘s seen it.
14:09:04:Presenter: It’s very high and recall rate would see, okay nervous in a kind of just many why without right? Now.
14:09:22:Presenter: Just like what kind of at my work myself up. How is that serious? Now that you treat patients in.
14:09:40:Presenter: We got so many days I needed an OT just history teaching my love my family had it.
14:10:04:Presenter: My socks on earth to just keep saying it the more there at right. There in this hospital there just such a positive, you know, when it’s like how old i’m like that.
14:10:15:Presenter: How are SAT arena inside trying to gauge Microsoft? Helen. Hi, Entering Basin and where what do you need for me today.
14:10:36:Presenter: I have often get referenced action my hospital experience because they had some nations that are just like, this is so correctly, it can. And it is frustrated that something that mean learning as well. Kinda now, it’s like I have to spend 15 minutes swing wide.
14:10:48:Presenter: I did just like to call in an 87 of the really hard things in one section like making the tackle one of those things.
14:11:12:Presenter: Because you can’t definitely be alliance it keep having Ben, it’s everything we do cherry into who we are with us variance is, no, right down.
14:11:24:Presenter: Now I will not memories their own sections of how we deal with this how we how work work through all these different things.
14:11:42:Presenter: And the chamber form a sense where you know, experience that had is not something you could ever need out, it’s never just set it aside to see it changes everything that you do. So.
14:12:09:Presenter: What do you wish more absurd survivors you deal with you is like I said earlier also just, i didn’t find something?
14:12:26:Presenter: Yeah. Just really encouraging that on one of, the arms is smart acted in the leg every show presents a little bit differently in people but just increasing to participate. So, I’m right handed.
14:12:52:Presenter: With you because all totally it’s not the arm that doesn’t work. It’s reaching your brain and how did they, I just, I say your lap and not get the table because he wants it both away.
14:13:11:Presenter: Movement that you did you see sculpture reason to speak those messages people sitting in my laughter on the table.
14:13:31:Presenter: I just may not just inside the scribe what happens at skill specific leaders triggers subluxation some of those jobs.
14:13:39:Presenter: Topics. That’s great reason to keep the key arm holding at table with him but aside from that it’s like, they’re completing work orders.
14:13:50:Presenter: In the brain nation one is saying, it’s kinda, okay. Let’s get these connections with wireless rewired this up where there’s another work order in there.
14:13:58:Presenter: Which is no one else in the 30 subs that says you are using the same anymore with get rid of it and make up more.
14:14:06:Presenter: More space everything else. And somehow we have left there would be a bit. So it’s about trying to do that. And let me think it’s
14:14:16:Presenter: Is understanding failure and thinking about failure chine stopping in failing trying to use your own feeling is not.
14:14:35:Presenter: It’s starts at the office and move that box walking side by thinking about right. It’s better to deal with.
14:14:44:Presenter: There are still it greatly sits inside the park and it kept on websites wrong, and then do it the other two together.
14:14:58:Presenter: So in a ball keep thinking back to keep trying to do it keep working towards it what caregivers sec caregivers of their lives.
14:15:04:Presenter: As well. When it’s now they care for somebody who may have always been the one taking care of them.
14:15:23:Presenter: Also since it happened. But that means care givers knew going into this process or learned a lot since I went it, I would say that, so I had said earlier.
14:15:39:Presenter: They’re taking care of themselves seeking those pieces as well. The timing failing there to celebrate those pictures with them, but also setting those boundaries since all Seattle.
14:15:48:Presenter: Getting the shower in agree. No taken out or something can, I think you that I tried to treat it encourages.
14:15:59:Presenter: It’s just, that clean piece rate, like, let’s start. Let’s start some of this sucker leonce within it can go, well with meeting the hospital and wait a second.
14:16:15:Presenter: Just answer thinking about you know, doing those little things while the patients are in the hospital. So the name of overwhelmed with.
14:16:25:Presenter: Mentally winning the peace in this area, but we’re gonna have to find their noon or one and how they work together having those little pieces.
14:16:42:Presenter: Morning just make that transition smoother plugs you get this off the bathroom on three weeks notice day two days.
14:16:58:Presenter: There’s no you want to go home and celebrating great. You know, and, you know what you’re taking care of her.
14:17:19:Presenter: We’ll get some grocery shopping also had a plan on how am I going to continue to meet Emilee. That need people that want help and, you know.
14:17:40:Presenter: It’s always something I should let you see so much. Yes. Yes. Yes, I am in a good shot to get those socks.
14:17:56:Presenter: So now when things out last week, I was talking without that Kate lowering whoever knew about that.
14:18:05:Presenter: We talked about there is she said, if you want to help out here giver investing stool is not to offer.
14:18:21:Presenter: Its offer something specific you help you out. It’s hazy few hours off to go shopping for black ops shop or whatever come with those specific things.
14:18:40:Presenter: Let me just offer you are getting that, you know so much to get them just help you also giving them another job here even.
14:18:58:Presenter: It’s the only one thing about my patient or something that he’s twice my name again they might swap nights today suddenly or somebody might.
14:19:24:Presenter: This things can make a deal every kid here. This is also very interesting in that thing said her book myself.
14:19:40:Presenter: Sensory processing limiting stop. So having people missing afterwards with this taught the parade is Howard Journey Girl.
14:19:49:Presenter: Did you break for caregivers to compensate with certain age, and also there’s a rating the starvation really made up.
14:20:04:Presenter: The other day with 4 64 blue team you know they want therapy in the rehab and getting everything women oscillates.
14:20:23:Presenter: Yes, get me think about when they shut down the freeway which ended its sleep as something that just shuts down in bed nothing really.
14:20:33:Presenter: Doing nothing you’re going in tearing up the paper and read the language and repainted and doing all this construction steepest work. It’s that seems sort of thing.
14:20:54:Presenter: Something lines up. Now I know why did you see maps all the time she something that was once very easy to do just getting up from bed, you know it’s now seeking a ton of energy. And so.
14:21:14:Presenter: I was working overtime just bastard Barry smaller than he said get off, this is happening.
14:21:21:Presenter: If you have an OT with you, you can’t let them get away without giving you the hack of the week.
14:21:31:Presenter: It isn’t having a hard time holding on to watch shop and feeling the murders are just trying to get.
14:21:51:Presenter: Also able to use holding hands holding it increases. So that’s a concept that I have used a mystery using it a bit.
14:22:09:Presenter: You can buy that nets on it back meant. Maybe mom got a team doesn’t see you next time for the kitchen there.
14:22:16:Presenter: Exactly. And now I’m like it too because then the patient is divisions are because they can’t hold a lot.
14:22:33:Presenter: They have good shoulder elbow room in a still can’t wash their body without affected side, and then we continue to work on the ground screaming happening goal. But maybe that day we just awesome.
14:22:41:Presenter: That’s it for this week Emilee was great test wasn’t she do you want to hear more interviews this.
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14:24:28:Presenter: Yes.