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Date: 2018-07-18
Timezone: -07:00:00
21:12:57:Presenter: Welcome to the strong cast a generation ax stroke Survivor explores rehab recovery the frontiers of neuroscience and how to peel a banana.
21:13:14:Presenter: With one hand, hello. I’m Bill Monroe and welcome to episode 22 of the stroke cast this week.
21:13:21:Presenter: My special guest is Craig Marten better known as the online buscar.
21:13:31:Presenter: Craig is a musician and a stroke Survivor living in Salamanca Spain born in Manchester England he spent years as a professional musician.
21:13:41:Presenter: In the bars and restaurants of Portugal and drunken idea eventually settled in Salamanca with his fiancee where he taught english.
21:13:42:Presenter: And then.
21:13:44:Presenter: He had a stroke.
21:13:54:Presenter: Craig work through his right side hemiparesis to teach himself how to play guitar for the second time in his life.
21:14:02:Presenter: A big fan of the Blues Greg. Now records covers and new tracks at his home and he posts them to online buscar dot net.
21:14:08:Presenter: 50 percent of the donations that he gets to his virtual guitar case go to the worldstroke organization to help support.
21:14:11:Presenter: Its mission of fighting stroke.
21:14:19:Presenter: I first met Craig through the stroke forum on reddit you can find a link to that forum over at strokecast com.
21:14:21:Presenter: Slash onlinebusker.
21:14:30:Presenter: And really the music that he creates and performs on his website is just fantastic when you’re done listening to this episode.
21:14:36:Presenter: Go ahead and check it out at onlinebusker net. So let’s meet Craig.
21:14:43:Presenter: Craig. Thank you. So much for joining me on a strokecast this week Berlin build up excited to be here.
21:14:50:Presenter: Awesome. I’m really fascinated by your story. And I’ve listen to some of the music on your website and.
21:14:58:Presenter: Yeah. You’ve got just this fantastic sound between the voices in the slaying. I really enjoy it.
21:15:10:Presenter: Wow. Here that I can’t see it myself said, so I don’t know, right? You know which one of those things.
21:15:20:Presenter: Where whenever we make something we see all the mistakes and everything that we could have done better. But audience.
21:15:26:Presenter: Just doesn’t see that they don’t see that detail they see the overall experience. They have.
21:15:37:Presenter: Yeah, music with cheap equipment on the cheapest things I can afford to buy, I’m when I listen by two.
21:15:47:Presenter: I hear myself singing I think that’s good. So I don’t know, I guess we all hear things.
21:15:57:Presenter: Not be it’s not the camera that makes the photographer. It’s not the microphone that makes the podcast are and it’s not the guitar.
21:16:05:Presenter: Makes musician that’s right. That’s right. One of the things I’ve been trying to remind myself of a lot. I’ve been talking about this a lot.
21:16:10:Presenter: Lately too is that done is better than perfect.
21:16:20:Presenter: Go out there and get started and just go do something that’s right for Manchester, I’m originally from my.
21:16:32:Presenter: You get on the friend of mine there. He’s an actor in New York and all these big places and he said one of the best things.
21:16:46:Presenter: I ever heard on the best piece of advice was it is what it is. It is what it is, and that’s right. I like you said is better than so.
21:16:54:Presenter: You’re stroke Survivor, you’re performing music online. Now, what was life below what was life like before your stroke?
21:17:09:Presenter: I was gonna say kind of ordinary book for quite a few years stuff that comes in that late night parties.
21:17:19:Presenter: The drinking every single night. Now that I’ve been my fault is I’m like maybe that wasn’t the best lifestyle, you know, sure.
21:17:30:Presenter: But that was done in the south of Portugal at the beach don’t in the old guard of was there for a few years and then I lived in Gran Canaria.
21:17:47:Presenter: And the Canary Islands doing the same job mom, you’re working and I say working anybody comment really working two or three hours and eyes on the rest of the day is yours.
21:17:54:Presenter: I know in your early in more money than the waiter who works all day org, I, you know, sure.
21:18:06:Presenter: And the rest today or at the beach, you’re having lunch somewhere, you know, reading swimming fantastic but not lifestyle com last forever.
21:18:16:Presenter: And I met my now fiance when I was in A and we moved here. So the mainland where she comes from.
21:18:24:Presenter: And I know live in a small city two hours west of Madrid called Salamanca. It’s a university town.
21:18:33:Presenter: I have course trying to make a living as a musician here in small university times quite difficult. So I started teaching English.
21:18:48:Presenter: So that’s when my normal life begun, I guess suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes which I didn’t think was a big deal.
21:18:54:Presenter: Hurt while you’re going through it.
21:19:02:Presenter: And the doctors keep telling me you got these two serious things you gotta be on top of them and go to take care of them.
21:19:10:Presenter: I was bad on things very important, even if I miss a if I forget to take my pills for blood pressure.
21:19:24:Presenter: Next day. I’m a course, that’s not the way right now. So alternately it sounds like those those things led led to your stroke.
21:19:31:Presenter: So how did the events of the day of your stroke play out what was that experience.
21:19:35:Presenter: Wow, I.
21:19:45:Presenter: I wasn’t working that day, I was going to meet a friend for coffee in the morning. I woke up in the morning.
21:19:49:Presenter: And I said to my fiance ice a.
21:19:59:Presenter: Something wrong my leg I said I think typical man. I think I’ve slept some trapped a nerve while I’ve been asleep.
21:20:02:Presenter: You know I didn’t feel any different sure.
21:20:08:Presenter: Except that I couldn’t really control my right leg, I was like this is a bit weird.
21:20:22:Presenter: I said, well, anyway, if it gets worse, then I’ll think about going to the doctor or something. So I, you know, typical night.
21:20:30:Presenter: So I went to meet my friend where we’re having a coffee I was having trouble picking up the cop with my right hand.
21:20:33:Presenter: Yes, I took my right side, so.
21:20:44:Presenter: I’m struggling to pick up the *** coffee on the bar and you said you are, I think so I said, I thought I dropped.
21:21:00:Presenter: Nerve in my leg art must be my back be cause it’s fitted my own as well. So I got a whole I got home and then.
21:21:08:Presenter: My girl my fiance was still here. Now as I said, hey, you know what she was said.
21:21:19:Presenter: And I was feeling worse. Let’s go. So we went to the emergency place there and he asked me a he said, hey take this pen just right.
21:21:26:Presenter: Your name done on a paper of me, I couldn’t do it.
21:21:38:Presenter: I couldn’t pick it up mom’s song were I had kind of think I’m new sure what it was.
21:21:46:Presenter: You know, but I guess I didn’t obviously didn’t want to be done. But somewhere in the back of my conscious mind. I.
21:21:54:Presenter: I knew it and he said man, you having a stroke if I had a stroke you gotta stay here in hospital and then that’s it.
21:22:00:Presenter: So there I was in bed in hospital for a while.
21:22:16:Presenter: Yeah. Yeah, I guess most people get the symptoms and if there if they know anything about it or is there looking of they go straight to the hospital and an things workout differently looked, I didn’t turn.
21:22:26:Presenter: Rain rain. That’s really that’s really bad thing. It’s how those stories play out is.
21:22:34:Presenter: Is so important it in my case, I woke up with my left arm feeling funny and thought I slept on it weird.
21:22:42:Presenter: The next half hour the systems failed a lot more rapidly but still it’s one of those things.
21:22:49:Presenter: If you don’t get to the hospital fast enough. There’s just not a whole heck of a lot they can do.
21:22:57:Presenter: Yeah, since that obviously I’d be looking at strokes and researching things and.
21:23:02:Presenter: There are things that you obviously we know there are things that you can look for putting your tongue.
21:23:08:Presenter: Got it see that we can do that lifting up your hands and all these other things and now I was thinking.
21:23:18:Presenter: Why didn’t anybody ever tell me this before rate, not living only going to go around teach in everybody’s look for stroke signs.
21:23:27:Presenter: I don’t know why not why is it schooling or something. I don’t know. It’s Act Lee.
21:23:33:Presenter: And that’s one of the things we see one of the things the American heart association has been doing here.
21:23:41:Presenter: Has just been promoting the acronym of fast a lot more often than I realized that it doesn’t translate as well in into Spanish.
21:23:48:Presenter: But I’m fast seeing a face watch it looking for facial droop for arms. It’s one of the arms.
21:23:58:Presenter: Groups as for a speech starts to get slurred and then tea for time to give you see that call emergency services.
21:24:00:Presenter: Immediately.
21:24:09:Presenter: Yeah. When this happened you were still trying to play music while doing your well teaching English? So after the stroke and.
21:24:20:Presenter: And losing use of your right arm for a while, that must have made him while be asleep would make playing music a heck of a lot more difficult. So.
21:24:23:Presenter: College, how did you music play a part in your recovery?
21:24:29:Presenter: Wow. It played big pots and because.
21:24:34:Presenter: I remember being in a hundred thinking, I’m not going to be able to play guitar when I got.
21:24:44:Presenter: That was the only thought had online, you know, I need such a big thought my life that I was thinking, well, I have to do it.
21:24:49:Presenter: However, how hard it is. I’ve got to do it. So I went home and try to play my guitar.
21:24:52:Presenter: Because they couldn’t.
21:24:58:Presenter: The doctors told me to carry on trying although I left it for a little while.
21:25:06:Presenter: I’m not sure that was a good idea, right now.
21:25:27:Presenter: I had idea. I because I was playing quite big guitars, you know, it’s has wouldn’t lift my right. I’m over the top to even try to play it. So I had this idea. I bought myself a small bodied.
21:25:34:Presenter: Travel guitar. I’m not really helped that really helps because I could hold it was like a little child.
21:25:42:Presenter: Toy what a real guitar you clearly soon.
21:25:50:Presenter: But great for sitting on the knee and I could get my arm over it constantly and I kept playing with that I’ve got playing with an then.
21:25:53:Presenter: They started getting a bit better.
21:26:06:Presenter: I had to make some strange inventions. I don’t, in fact, I still can’t, I don’t have much feeling in my right hand.
21:26:07:Presenter: So.
21:26:21:Presenter: Holding the guitar pick a plectrum was and still is really difficult things. So I thought some double sided sticky table one side of it.
21:26:43:Presenter: And I said, I stick it to my phone. So to make any occupational therapist proud think about really how it affected me, I.
21:26:53:Presenter: Woman my man sauce while I was in Hospital was, well if I get out of here. I think they got out of here.
21:27:03:Presenter: I’ll try to help other people who are in the same boat as me because it’s not nice and I saw people in the hospital who were much much worse.
21:27:14:Presenter: You know, they couldn’t move there on dollar arm or something like that. I was constantly thing I’ve got to try and help these people well.
21:27:20:Presenter: I don’t see people all over the world like this. So.
21:27:34:Presenter: I started a assorted music blog just with the intention of forcing me to practice.
21:27:43:Presenter: So I thought I’m gonna make a video of this song. However body my big head it. I’m going to put it on my blog.
21:27:54:Presenter: Target to practice, because otherwise without got a while that goal. I wouldn’t have practice. I wouldn’t have bothered problem.
21:28:01:Presenter: Looking I website and I saw a donate button and I thought wow. How do you get one of those?
21:28:06:Presenter: And I said, and I asked the guy how did you get one of although you do it through.
21:28:17:Presenter: This. I thought great. If I put that on mine I can then donate money I can then tell people that wanted that they donate.
21:28:28:Presenter: I will go towards the big strong organization to help them. So I started looking for as stroke organizations worldwide ones means.
21:28:34:Presenter: I found the worldstroke dog org..
21:28:38:Presenter: So that’s how it started yet. Then I.
21:28:45:Presenter: Anybody who donates money to my website half of the goals of the world stroke organization. So they’re helping.
21:28:58:Presenter: Lots of people, you know fantastic fantastic. So is that the primary outlet for your music today is is posting on the on line at the onlinebusker net.
21:29:03:Presenter: It is still is yes.
21:29:13:Presenter: I’ve got a little bit of colour songs that I wanted to hear about 15 years i’ve substituted a lot of work to do.
21:29:20:Presenter: I’m not will continue into the future. I don’t plan on letting that goes on.
21:29:27:Presenter: So I’m kind of trying to make my first eat ***, right? Have.
21:29:37:Presenter: How awesome I’ve written some I’m really into the blues charlotte turn and habits and all that stuff. So.
21:29:46:Presenter: I’ve written a few blues songs in my own and I’m trying to record them. In fact, this one, I’m going to the recording studio in the end of my street.
21:29:54:Presenter: That’s one just down there just to use one of their rooms, which is so improved and then i’ll do all the regarding myself with.
21:30:08:Presenter: With all my own equipment. So that’s my project at the minute *** and keep in putting more music on the side. That’s fantastic. That’s one of the awesome things.
21:30:18:Presenter: About technology today is that when you want to go make nothing you can go make a thing somebody is not gonna tell you this.
21:30:28:Presenter: Up that’s right. I don’t have to get approval from a music studio first to go ahead and record an album.
21:30:39:Presenter: You can do is a lot yet and get it done thought would you describe the stroke.
21:30:50:Presenter: Her system in a in Spain was the care you got in hospital and or any post stroke therapy was.
21:30:57:Presenter: Do you feel the quality was good or what was that experience like exact, I didn’t have any therapy after.
21:31:04:Presenter: Cause they told me that I didn’t need it because I could move my arm.
21:31:11:Presenter: I could speak I could do things and they said you’re, okay. You don’t need any.
21:31:20:Presenter: And he started although the rest of my family was so sure going to operate carrying Spanish is pretty good.
21:31:26:Presenter: I gotta tell you something funny. I was lying in bed there.
21:31:34:Presenter: Wandering about if I’m ever going out of this place this side of you in the hospital bed you got there.
21:31:42:Presenter: This TV screen with the heart monitor on all that stuff, I need to it’s like a big meal.
21:31:55:Presenter: Meet all the time. How sure, well this one of the side of me was during the night it kept baby.
21:32:02:Presenter: Like 250 wow. Wow. I can’t like what the hell’s going on here for the nurse.
21:32:10:Presenter: Hey, what’s going on get me something she just came in a slightly TV your grandfather would have the old days.
21:32:26:Presenter: Hey sit on the top and she hello. It’s fine. Good God. It’s interesting. My girlfriend was in the hospital.
21:32:34:Presenter: A few years ago for some of her own stuff and overnight they had her on you know the oxygen monitor.
21:32:42:Presenter: Which would set up or the heart monitor something which set off an alarm when anytime it drop below 50 which is supposed to be really dangerous.
21:32:50:Presenter: So it started doing that in setting off the alarm when it dropped us 45 42 and the nurse came in and she was like.
21:33:02:Presenter: I wonder how we turn off the alarm only think that’s the important thing here we should be worried about right now.
21:33:12:Presenter: But for other survivors who want to get back into music if they’re musicians before there stroke or who maybe want to start.
21:33:23:Presenter: Getting into music and now with despite having to deal with hemiparesis or limitations on a limb or something that what we you suggest.
21:33:33:Presenter: For somebody who just wants to start I’d say start with something manageable. I’m talking about size, wise.
21:33:38:Presenter: You know, on what.
21:33:42:Presenter: Limitations they have all these things.
21:33:47:Presenter: I saw a kid who.
21:33:56:Presenter: Was started to play a power before the stroke he was a piano player and quite a good one, and I after.
21:34:06:Presenter: Had this little toy keyboard and the size of my tiny little thing and it was just president with one finger.
21:34:11:Presenter: But it was enjoyed it self of missing, you know.
21:34:21:Presenter: Just pressing one thing and enjoying it and I would start with something manageable. That’s small enough that you can hold arm.
21:34:31:Presenter: Put on your lap or something like that. If you are guitarist, like I was the other day, I got a comment on a youtube video.
21:34:40:Presenter: Video while ago three tips help people tell guitarist who had a stronger something like that. It was called.
21:34:49:Presenter: I don’t stay with me being affected on the right side, it was all about the right hand word this guys.
21:34:56:Presenter: It’s really this is a great video and everything, but what about those who affected on the left side.
21:35:04:Presenter: I can’t really speak for you. I don’t know what to say it cause he hasn’t happened to me.
21:35:11:Presenter: Just my right size or us. That’s the only thing I can give advice about, you know.
21:35:23:Presenter: But, yeah, guitar upside down and try it that way do that you can pull the strings on the other way and try it out way.
21:35:31:Presenter: By a smaller instrument. I did that was a really helpful and to me if you are guitar player when you play in a normal size.
21:35:38:Presenter: It’s an then get a smaller one, that’s what I did or even play you can living which is very small.
21:35:51:Presenter: You get from playing guitar because it’s a stringed instrument, and it’s not as difficult and awfully it’s that experience of making music that.
21:36:01:Presenter: Year after what’s interesting too is I think a lot of what we’re doing in stroke recovery is you know, whether we’re learning to walk or learning to play an instrument where.
21:36:07:Presenter: Most of us are learning or I have read learning things that we learned initially when we were little kids.
21:36:20:Presenter: An those little kids size things can sometimes help for that reason when we first learned to walk it took us years to get that figured out it’s going to take a little while again.
21:36:30:Presenter: Rebuild the brain in that way. That’s right. I do have to say one caveat there will and something small.
21:36:40:Presenter: Don’t buy a harmonica thinking, it’s going to be Celene it’s the hardest thing in the world to learn.
21:36:50:Presenter: Interest that it was one of the things I did I thought, well, I’ve always loved the Blues and the harmonica is always there.
21:36:57:Presenter: Listen to muddy waters and all these people and somebody’s always played the harmonica solve coming out difficult coming up.
21:37:03:Presenter: So the size of a cigarette or something raid. But wow.
21:37:14:Presenter: You’re in for some frustration without if you got one of those and often right side weakness or left side weakness isn’t just the arm in the leg. It’s also.
21:37:20:Presenter: In the lips and the cheeks in a little bit in the town as well stride yet. That’s right.
21:37:31:Presenter: So, yeah, that’s my advice awesome. So I first encountered an encountered you and your work in the stroke sub reddit.
21:37:42:Presenter: On a on reddit. So how have you been using reddit and other forums to help with your music and your recovery and with helping others?
21:37:50:Presenter: Only spin fantastic Facebook nor problem, okay.
21:38:03:Presenter: I started putting just putting videos on Facebook, I don’t know. Why I wanna monks or something like that. And I was absolutely all around and.
21:38:16:Presenter: Response people like, wow, you sound just before I don’t think in, well, I don’t surely, he will go sounds great.
21:38:22:Presenter: I know the thing that’s completely bowled me over was.
21:38:29:Presenter: I put a little globe on my website. So that I could have a look just to see where.
21:38:38:Presenter: Where people are visiting from where they’re having a little bit I’ve had 65 countries so far.
21:38:50:Presenter: Wow. All the world from the uss to Romania to Finland to be India Malaysia Saudi Arabia.
21:38:55:Presenter: All over the world and within those places.
21:39:13:Presenter: I mean, I’ve had views from some really cool ways is Seattle times in this is city, which is been really surprising.
21:39:26:Presenter: I got somebody from Greenville Mississippi. That’s right, Johnson country one. So to hear all these colors of the world just by putting a song out there don’t know how.
21:39:36:Presenter: They find me, I don’t know where they see it, well, they see it undone Facebook for really good. I thought only recently started with.
21:39:51:Presenter: Reddit really cool. You’ve got your own little subgroups incompleteness stuff there gives me a name it says another place to put it.
21:39:59:Presenter: So I’m thinking, well, I’m going to make this one better because this is going on reddit on Facebook and Twitter.
21:40:05:Presenter: Actually the world’s going to see it’s over I can’t talk rubbish out there.
21:40:19:Presenter: Sadly start turning into a perfectionist am as you said, then you don’t end up doing anything. Right? That I find interesting with the social media and.
21:40:25:Presenter: And even with putting out this podcast each week is that I also had it also then gives me.
21:40:35:Presenter: A level of accountability with the public where once I commit to producing something and releasing it at such and such a time.
21:40:41:Presenter: Then I have to actually go ahead and do it. I can’t just endlessly tweak.
21:40:50:Presenter: That’s one thing I learned with youtube being a huge help, I spend most of my time.
21:41:01:Presenter: On youtube under lots of lots of fabulous produces an studio people on youtube and one of the things.
21:41:10:Presenter: A lot of them say is book time for yourself as all your cooking in your old studio. So you’re.
21:41:17:Presenter: Okay, Friday from 12 to two i have to regard that. And as you say it gives you some.
21:41:19:Presenter: Accountability of yourself.
21:41:27:Presenter: Rail you bought two hours in the studio whether it’s your own rumor or somebody else’s you bought that time.
21:41:37:Presenter: So you’ve got to use it for recording offer writing or for whatever. Right. Right. Once it’s on the schedule other things.
21:41:42:Presenter: Be scheduled around it, instead of sick just continuing to float.
21:41:44:Presenter: Yeah, that’s, it.
21:41:53:Presenter: Very cool. What do you wish that other stroke survivors knew early on in this process?
21:42:01:Presenter: I don’t know, first of all, I’ve got to say that how many stroke was my own phone that’s clear.
21:42:15:Presenter: I wish people who had high blood pressure would take it seriously people do although I do know one or two.
21:42:23:Presenter: Regal, my brother, for example, and he’s a super player nazis life. So I’m not like I said to New York.
21:42:29:Presenter: This is not to see you what happened to me and you can’t play snooker what are you going to be like.
21:42:39:Presenter: Your whole life is super. So take your pills take them and take it seriously do made deal.
21:42:45:Presenter: Properly on just take care of all the things that your health, then you’ve got to take care on.
21:42:47:Presenter: You know.
21:42:59:Presenter: People afterwards who survived it. I’d like to say don’t give up about that many times, you know.
21:43:09:Presenter: Well, I think it’s natural to think about it and to have those thoughts come through everything is turned upside down and.
21:43:18:Presenter: You know this is a life changing event and for what is the 15 percent of the people who have a stroke in the usa at least.
21:43:29:Presenter: It’s life ending event so, so that is going to be a natural thought but it’s it’s what you do when that thought comes through whether that’s.
21:43:38:Presenter: In our own energy to push through or whether that’s ask for help and get help and, you know there’s a whole team of people out there who can assist us.
21:43:43:Presenter: We just have to let them know how and let them know that we need help.
21:43:46:Presenter: Yeah, yes.
21:43:53:Presenter: Yeah. Absolutely donkeys into yourself you need to.
21:44:00:Presenter: Even if you’ve got to ask friends for help don’t ever be scared to ask somebody for help that’s a big thing.
21:44:09:Presenter: You know I want to say don’t get depressed for that’s an actual occurrence of a stroke, I think they go on there. Now.
21:44:11:Presenter: They sure do.
21:44:17:Presenter: How nice I started to start suffering from panic attacks.
21:44:27:Presenter: When I told people who know me that I suffered the day they say you really say, yeah, i don’t know, why just.
21:44:32:Presenter: I could be standing there in the streets and then all of a sudden I need to lie down after a mother.
21:44:43:Presenter: No about those things you get those things going tell somebody don’t try and deal with them in your own.
21:44:46:Presenter: You know, definitely right?
21:44:51:Presenter: And that brings us to our hack of the week.
21:45:06:Presenter: That’s a moving I had to sell us egg tonight on Japan those I’d like a role but I would like something the messiah five move it back to the future. I had a pen stopped.
21:45:15:Presenter: And all the cell a table over it looked ridiculous. But it, I think I started moving again, and.
21:45:25:Presenter: Leave rolled. My name on there. I was like, wow great. So, yeah, selling state is always good and then that’s awesome.
21:45:31:Presenter: One of those things, I think about to that I’m reminded about is that, you know especially some of those really silly things.
21:45:40:Presenter: We end up doing if it’s stupid, and it works. It’s not stupid. It doesn’t matter. Okay. So Craig this has been.
21:45:46:Presenter: Fantastic. It’s been a real pleasure. That’s all to build. So thank you so much for joining me folks.
21:45:52:Presenter: I encourage you to go check out onlinebusker dot net and you’ll be able to find those links also over it strokecast.
21:45:58:Presenter: Com slash onlinebusker and will include the youtube and the other links there as well.
21:46:04:Presenter: As you can tell Craig Cassette quite the collection of adventures, and I’m really looking forward more of his music.
21:46:14:Presenter: Have you had experience making music or art post stroke or worked with someone who has I’d looked hear more bad in the comments over it strokecast.
21:46:16:Presenter: Com slash onlinebusker.
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