The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Podcast on Spotify

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Launching a podcast on Spotify
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Ever thought about starting a podcast but didn’t know where to begin? You’re not alone.  The good news? It’s easier than you think, and with Spotify’s massive audience of over 500 million monthly active users, your voice can be heard across the globe.

Let’s get straight to what you need to know.

Why Is Spotify an Excellent Choice?

Starting a podcast on Spotify

First, why Spotify? Because it’s not just a music streaming giant; it’s also a leading platform for podcasts, offering world’s most famous podcasts such as Joe Rogan Experience and Bad Friends.

With its robust recommendation algorithms, user-friendly interface, and social media-like features, Spotify is the place to be for podcasters.  Plus, if you’re dreaming big, the potential exposure here is off the charts.

What You Need to Get Started

Before getting into the technical stuff, gather your materials. Here’s the bare minimum:

  • MP3 Audio Files: Ensure a bitrate of at least 128kbps.
  • Cover Art: JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats will do.
  • Video File (if applicable): MP4 or MOV, but keep it under 12 hours unless you want to break some kind of record.

Setting Up Your Podcast

Spotify for Podcasters is your command center. It’s where you’ll upload your episodes, manage your podcast details, and track your stats. But wait, there’s more:

  • RSS Feeds: These are your lifelines. They automate the update and distribution of your episodes.
  • Hosting Platform: Essential for storing your episodes and distributing them to directories like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. is a solid choice, offering automated distribution with a one-time setup.

The Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s the nuts and bolts of getting your podcast live on Spotify:

  1. Sign Up for a Hosting Account: offers free accounts, so no excuses.
  2. Create Your RSS Feed: This is the magic link that connects your podcast to Spotify and other platforms.
  3. Upload Your Episodes: Use tools like or something similar for recording and editing. It even has a text-based editor and magic clips for video podcasts.
  4. Submit to Spotify for Podcasters: This is where patience comes in. It can take up to five days for your podcast to go live.
  5. Monetize Your Podcast: Through Anchor, Spotify’s podcast creation app, you can start earning via subscription tools.

Legal Things You Need to Know

Beginner’s podcast guide

Spotify has strict copyright policies. Use royalty-free music from sites like Pixabay or Free Music Archive.  Unauthorized music use can lead to content removal, legal action, and fines. Essentially, it’s something you really want to avoid, so pay attention.

Maximizing Your Podcast’s Potential

Now that your podcast is live, let’s make sure people actually listen to it:

  • Add a ‘Listen on Spotify’ Badge: Put this on your website to direct listeners straight to your podcast.
  • Engage Your Audience: Spotify updates podcast data daily, so keep your content fresh.
  • Utilize Spotify’s Features: Their recommendation algorithms are your friend. The more you upload, the more chances you have to be discovered.

Reaching a Global Audience

Spotify’s global reach means your podcast can be heard anywhere. With millions of listeners, your potential audience is vast. So, whether you’re in it for fun, fame, or fortune, the sky’s the limit.


How Long Until My Podcast is Live on Spotify?
Getting your podcast live on Spotify can take anywhere from a few hours to up to five days. Annoyingly, Spotify won’t notify you when it goes live, so you’ll need to keep checking yourself.
How Long Does It Take For a New Podcast Episode To Appear on Spotify?
Spotify updates podcast data daily, so expect new episodes to appear within a day.
How Do I Change My Podcast Category on Spotify?
Once you pick a podcast category on Spotify, you’re stuck with it. They’re working on making this changeable in the future, though.
How To Monetize A Podcast On Spotify?
You couldn’t monetize on Spotify initially, but as of April 2021, they rolled out new tools via Anchor, their podcast creation app.  These tools include subscriptions to help you grow your audience and earn revenue.

Beyond Spotify, you can monetize through sponsorships, ads, merchandise, e-books, or a Patreon account. If your podcast gains a huge following, Spotify might even offer you an exclusive deal.

How Do I See How Many Listeners I Have on Spotify?
If you submitted your podcast through your host, you can access listener stats there. If you submitted directly, log in to the Spotify podcasting page to see all your stats.
How Do I Upload New Podcast Episodes to Spotify?
Upload new episodes to your podcast hosting service, and Spotify will automatically pull them via your RSS feed.  You won’t need to do anything else once the feed is submitted.

Remember, Spotify streams your media files from your host; they don’t store them.

Wrapping It Up

Starting a podcast on Spotify might seem daunting, but with the right tools and a bit of patience, it’s totally doable. Just remember to stick to the guidelines, keep your content engaging, and make the most of Spotify’s features.

Quick Recap

Here’s a rundown for those who like bullet points:

  • Spotify Users: Over 500 million monthly active users.
  • Required Files: MP3 (128kbps+), JPEG/PNG/TIFF cover art, MP4/MOV video (if applicable).
  • Spotify for Podcasters: Your main hub for managing your podcast.
  • RSS Feeds: Essential for automated updates and distribution.
  • Hosting Platforms: for automated distribution.
  • Monetization: Available through Anchor.
  • Copyright Compliance: Use royalty-free music to avoid legal issues.
  • Spotify Features: Recommendation algorithms, social media-like features.
  • Interactive Content: Video tutorials available.
  • Global Reach: Massive exposure potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your podcast on Spotify today.

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