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If you’ve been plugged into the comedy podcast scene, you’ve likely heard of “Bad Friends.” Hosted by comedians Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino, this podcast has exploded in popularity since its inception in 2020.

So, why do so many people flock to this chaotic, hilarious, and often crude podcast? Let’s break it down.

Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino Are the Dynamic Duo

Bad Friends podcast popularity

The magic starts with the hosts. Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino are both seasoned comedians with a knack for making people laugh. Bobby, known for his wild antics and unpredictable humor, pairs perfectly with Andrew’s sharp wit and quick comebacks.

Their chemistry is undeniable, and it’s evident that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. All these ingredients translate into a natural, relaxed atmosphere that feels like you’re hanging out with your funniest friends.

Unscripted and Unfiltered

The big thing that hooks me with “Bad Friends” is how it’s just off the cuff. The banter is totally spontaneous – these guys just riff and go wherever dropping F-bombs left and right.  One minute, it’s hilarious, the next it’s completely wild, like in the Whatever Podcast.

There’s no holding back, it’s just raw and real. Whether they’re talking about the crazy stuff in their lives or ranting about what’s going on in the world, it always feels fresh and unpredictable. You never know what’s going to come out of their mouths next.

Crude and Controversial

To be completely honest, “Bad Friends” ain’t for the delicate types. The stuff they talk about can get pretty crude, and their jokes sometimes go way over the line of what’s considered proper. But if you’re the kind of person who’s into that edgy, no-holds-barred comedy, this podcast is a real goldmine.

It’s a free-for-all where anything goes, and more often than not, they end up striking comedy gold. Bobby and Andrew, they just don’t give a crap about offending people. And that balls-to-the-wall attitude is a big part of what makes the show so darn captivating.

Regular Segments That Keep You Hooked

A podcast must be more than just coasting on the host’s charm. You need to have some actual substance and structure to keep people interested. That’s where regular bits like “Unhelpful Advice” and “Scissor Bros.” come in handy.

In “Unhelpful Advice,” Andrew and Bobby take listener questions and give them a good old-fashioned comedy twist – and let’s just say the advice ain’t always all that useful.

And “Scissor Bros.”? That’s where they get to show off their improv chops with some friendly competition and challenges. This is something that really keeps things spicy.

Role-Playing and Skits

The whole deal with “Bad Friends” is that it’s all about that off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment kind of comedy. The hosts don’t stick to some script – they just kind of riff off each other and let the funny happen organically. That’s where the real magic happens.

They’re so quick on their feet, bouncing ideas back and forth, that you never know what to expect.  One minute, they’re cracking each other up with some wild improvised skit, the next they’ve got you laughing along, too. Just pure, unadulterated comedic chemistry.

Characters and Contributors

Humor in Bad Friends

Rudy and Jessie Johnson

Rudy was kind of a fixture on the show for a while. Everyone loved the girl, but she had to take off to focus on her education. Sure, it felt a little empty without her at first, but then Jessie Johnson swoops in and boom – seamless transition.

Jessie’s an improv comedian from Phoenix who used to be a full-time cast member on the Kill Tony Podcast. She’s brought her own unique brand of humor to the table, and it’s really added something special to the dynamic of the whole show.

I was a bit skeptical at first when Rudy left, but Jessie’s really grown on me. She keeps things light and funny but still manages to bring that extra something special to the podcast.


Bad Friends Carlos

Carlos isn’t just a character; he’s also a writer and producer for the podcast and the Bad Friends Live Tour. His contributions behind the scenes and on the mic add another layer to the show’s appeal.

Perfect for Long Commutes and Workouts

Life can be a real drag sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic or forcing yourself through another sweaty workout, the “Bad Friends” podcast is a total lifesaver.

The random banter and silly sketches just make the time fly by. It’s the kind of thing I can just get totally absorbed in, which makes all the boring things in my day feel a little bit more bearable.

A Lucrative Endeavor

This podcast ain’t just about the giggles and chuckles – it is a straight-up money machine as well. I’m talking anywhere from $1,157 to over $3,400 a month just from the YouTube channel, and then they’re raking in an extra 26 to 65 grand a year from Patreon.

Not too shabby, that’s for sure. Clearly, these guys have tapped into something special, and their fans are absolutely loving it. Gotta love a legit success story.

The 2023 Bad Friends Tour

Bad Friends Andrew Santino

In 2023 the Bad Friends Tour took things to another level. Featuring stand-up comedy and live podcasting, the tour included audience interaction and improvisational segments.

Fans got to experience the chaos and hilarity of “Bad Friends” in person, further cementing the podcast’s status as a powerhouse in the comedy world. So far, we don’t have information regarding this year’s tour.

Multiple Platforms for Maximum Accessibility

You can find “Bad Friends” on various platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. This availability means you can tune in wherever and whenever which is a convenient choice for listeners on the go.

Final Thoughts

So, what makes “Bad Friends” so popular? It’s a mix of authentic chemistry, fearless comedy, and engaging content. Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino have created a space where anything goes, and that unpredictability keeps listeners coming back for more.

It’s a wild ride, and if you’re someone who enjoys pushing the limits of comedy, this podcast is a must-listen. Whether you’re looking for a laugh during your commute or need something to get through a tough workout, “Bad Friends” delivers every time.

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