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Best Whatever podcast moments
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So, you’re a podcast junkie? Me too. And if you haven’t stumbled upon the Whatever Podcast yet, you’re seriously missing out.

This gem of a show is a mixed bag of controversy, humor, and those jaw-dropping moments that make you wonder how humanity has survived this long.

Today, I prepared for you the top 12 moments from the Whatever Podcast that really had me hooked.

1. Does Height Matter?

Talk about a hot-button issue. That first live episode of “Whatever” on the sensitive topic of “Does Height Matter?” really set the bar high for controversy right out of the gate. Who knew people had such strong opinions on things like how tall a guy needs to be to get a date or what goes on behind closed bedroom doors?

That’s kind of the name of the game with this podcast – tackling those taboo subjects that everyone loves to debate, even if it gets a little heated at times. Did this one ever hit a nerve, racking up over 49,000 views in just the first couple of months.

This number may seem like nothing special, but when you consider that this was just the first episode and that the episode lasted more than two hours, it was quite an impressive feat.

2. Andrew Tate Clip Backlash

That 10th episode with the whole Andrew Tate situation really got people talking. The host showed Tate’s clip to the guests, and things got in motion. Purple hair guest just laying into Tate, calling him “disgusting.”

And of course, it blew up online, racking up over 450,000 views. Classic case of controversy breeding engagement, even if it did devolve into complete chaos. That’s what makes this podcast so entertaining.

You never know what kind of spicy hot takes are gonna come flying out. I gotta hand it to host Brian Atlas – really knows how to stir the pot and rile people up. At the end of the day, that Tate clip was the perfect example of how this podcast thrives on drumming up drama. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, but you can’t deny the entertainment value.

3. He Made Her RAGE QUIT?!

Episode 33 of the “Whatever” podcast was truly something else. The title alone, “He Made Her RAGE QUIT?! (STORMS OUT)”, was enough for most people to click.

And with nearly half a million views, it’s clear that the internet can’t get enough of this kind of juicy, high-drama content. When everyday conversations turn into must-see TV gold, you know the “Whatever” crew is really bringing their A-game.

4. HEATED Debate With College Girls

In episode 50, the podcast hit a new level of intensity with a debate involving college girls. They tackled gender roles, dating expectations, and societal norms in a heated exchange that quickly became a fan favorite.

Clocking in at over 469,000 views, this episode truly highlighted the show’s knack for sparking fiery discussions that keep viewers coming back for more.

5. Who Should Pay on a Date?

Turns out the age-old debate over who should pay on a date can really get people riled up. In episode 50, the host and his guest got into it over splitting the bill. That one managed to rack up 1.8 million views on TikTok.

Contemporary dating dilemmas can bring out the biggest emotions, as it turns out. It’s safe to say that the podcast crew really has their finger on the pulse of the important issues facing modern romance.

6. Transgender Dating Preferences

At this point, you can clearly see that “Whatever” podcast is no stranger to controversial or sensitive topics. This episode revolved around guy’s opinions on dating a trans woman, and as you would’ve guessed, the views kept on piling on this one.

That’s just par for the course with these guys – they’re not afraid to jump headfirst into the messy, delicate stuff that everyone else is too scared to touch. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to judge. Everyone’s entitled to their own views, even if they’re a bit, shall we say, colorful.

7. Unpacking Hookup Culture

So, the episode on “Unpacking Hookup Culture” – where do I even begin? The whole thing was sparked a lot of conversations, but the whole crew kept it real. This podcast often gets colorful rep for topics, but this particular episode highlighted some really interesting opinions.

Let’s be real, modern dating can be really messy. Emotional turmoil here, fleeting pleasures there – it’s enough to make your head spin, but the hosts didn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty, that’s for sure. Overall, I’d say they did a pretty decent job of capturing the complexities of romance these days. It was refreshingly candid.

8. Gender Dynamics Discussion

The podcast did an episode about gender dynamics, and they really dug deep and provided insights that are frequently discussed nowadays. Gender dynamics, societal expectations, double standards – those things always exist.

The crew acknowledged that both men and women face challenges, but it was in a very entertaining and, at moments, edgy way. The bread and butter of this podcast, that’s pretty clear.

9. Exploring Non-Monogamy

The “Whatever” podcast managed to cover a pretty interesting topic without stirring up drama. If you’re first hearing about this podcast in this article – yes, they absolutely do those.  The “Exploring Non-Monogamy” episode was very entertaining.

They talked about polyamory, and they did it in a very interesting way. As much as this episode was thought-provoking, it was also quite educational. In a way, at least.

10. Dating Myths

Dating is no walk in the park, that’s for sure. There’s all kinds of crazy myths and misunderstandings swirling around out there. But the “Whatever” podcast did us all a solid and tackled that head-on in one of their episodes.

The hosts and guests shared some personal experiences and dished out some legit advice to help cut through all the BS. Definitely a reality check for anyone trying to figure out this whole dating thing.

11. Feminist Hypocrisy Debate

One of the episodes that really got people talking was the one where we tackled the topic of feminism. That was a spicy one. The hosts and guests didn’t hold back – they jumped right into this debate about feminist hypocrisy when it comes to dating and gender roles.

Some people were really riled up about it, but that’s kind of the whole point of the show, right? They’re not afraid to take on the tough, controversial stuff.

12. “Like” Clip Viral Spread

Sometimes, the most random stuff just blows up online, you know? There was this one clip from the podcast where a guest just kept saying “like” over and over again, and that thing racked up over 18,000 views in a matter of minutes.

It was pretty funny, but also just showed how the podcast has really made its mark and can find the humor in the little, mundane moments.


Whatever Podcast became really interesting over time, along with the Bad Friends podcast, for sure. You have some debates that have Twitter going wild, thought-provoking discussions that really make you think, and everything in between.

It’s a rollercoaster ride, and you’ll find yourself just sitting there glued to your speakers, loving every minute of the chaos. It’s an interesting part of today’s culture and something I would recommend people check out. Just make sure to approach this with an open mind, and you might just have fun.

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